Flower garden E-liquid Flavor Items

Additives are utilized in e-juices for enhancing their flavor the same as herbs and spices are utilized in cooking. There are numerous additives available available today. Flavor additives help in making subtle changes to the entire flavor of a vape juice. If it is not used appropriately, then it may ruin the whole formula. Each additive serves a certain purpose. It is essential to keep yourself informed of them to understand how they impact the flavor of a vape juice. Here are different e-liquid additives that you must take note of.


Sucralose and Ethyl Maltol are two sweetening additives. These should not be properly used as opposed to another as these work in a different mannerĀ Vape NZ. These can’t be substituted for one another as you can find not similar or do not work in the exact same manner. Ethyl Maltol tastes like cotton candy. It can either be properly used as a concentrate or can be prepared by dissolving Ethyl Maltol in Propylene Glycol. It adds sweetness to certain flavors. For example, if you wish to sweeten the apple flavor, then you can use Ethyl Maltol for the purpose. Using Sucralose is a lot more like adding sugar to your vape juice. It increases the entire sweetness of the mix. Vape juice manufacturers take advantage of Sucralose for blending mixes together.

Care must be exercised while using the sweeteners because these may numb or mute flavors. Manufacturers use sweeteners in small quantities to try whether the entire flavor is being negatively impacted or not.

Acetyl Pyrazine

This additive is recognized to impart a nutty flavor to the additive mixes. This additive helps in offering more of grain texture in the flavor. If overused, then this could ruin your vape juice mix. This really is exactly why you must buy vapor juice online from reliable sources. This really is also used for introducing bitter notes in an e-juice. You can find numerous UAE vape shops that sell vape juices which have bitter notes in them.


This additive is used for smoothing out mixes. These impart lush thickness to any flavor. If you are searching for heaviness in virtually any flavor, then here is the additive that you must try to find in your vape juice. Vaping in Dubai is an incredible experience in itself. The manufacturers of e-juices play with flavors by introducing different additives which can provide an incredible experience to the vapers. Tobacco profiles are utilized in e-juices for inducing a smoky sensation. Triacetin can help in thickening up the concentrates along with smooth them out in order that they do not seem to be harsh while vaping. This additive is ideally used for bringing a tobacco recipe together.


Menthol and Koolada are two popular cooling additives which serve a particular purpose. This refreshing flavor imparts a very good sensation which feels as an icy blast. Koolada also has the cooling effect like menthol but it does not impart a minty flavor to the mix. These can’t be regarded as being subtle additives. These are quite notable in flavors. These have to be added carefully in drops in a vape juice because these may prove to be very strong.

If you wish to vape in Dubai, then ensure that you consider these additives while searching for vape juices. These will definitely make your vaping session nothing significantly less than amazing.

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