The Growing Popularity of Telehealth Service in the Not for community Cities

According to the most recent report, how many telehealth service users in India has reached nearly 50 million during the crucial COVID-19 situation. Not just from the metro cities, but patients from non-metro cities are also taking assistance from this facility. As lockdown and other COVID-19 safety measures have restricted our in-person doctor stop by at a good extent, online consultation has turn out as a good alternative. With this specific service, patients can book appointment online and get quality healthcare services from the comfort of their particular homes. Earlier, telehealth consultation was considered as an opportunity which many people cannot bear. It was majorly for the people living a good life in metropolitan cities. In some cases, it absolutely was for the people surviving in remote areas, who cannot avail of good healthcare due to low transport service and other inconveniences. Nevertheless now, folks from every part of the world are inclined towards online healthcare service. Top doctors in Durgapur and other non-metro cities are available nowadays on multiple online platforms. Patients can contact them and discuss their issues at length through these platforms. They could consult directly through video calls, get medical guidance 24*7 with hi-tech methods.

Online healthcare service, however, is helping people in lots of ways. By giving early intervention, reducing treatment costs, easy use of healthcare emotional support animal letter online, it’s improving the infrastructure of the medical service in the cities and all around the world in general. Through online healthcare service, the doctors can check the patients’data and identify the issue even staying far away from each other. Patients can seek guidance every time a problem occurs without going to the doctor’s clinic and stand with the long queue for an appointment. Thus, early intervention helps to prevent many health problems to spread further and in this way, the cost of the treatment also is cut short. Remote monitoring devices would be the instances of technological advancement that telehealth services include in it. With assistance from such devices, patients’data, and sometimes activities could be tracked. And thus specialists obtain a clear knowledge of the patients’condition and symptoms and prescribe treatment accordingly. Through they, the specialists can deliver quality healthcare services to the patients living far away from them.

The ongoing pandemic situation has resulted in an enormous escalation in the cases of mental stress, depression, anxiety issues, and other mental health problem. Online healthcare service allows patients experiencing such disease to book appointments online with experienced psychologists and get easy use of quality mental healthcare service. modern solutions like telepsychiatry and telepsychology are in use. The residents of small cities are also taking assistance from such services to have sound mental health. Renowned and experienced gynecologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, and specialists from other medical sectors are now on different online portals where patients can reach them for specific healthcare solutions.

Non-metro cities like Durgapur are experiencing a high escalation in the utilization of online healthcare services. With the emergence of telehealth practice, folks from Durgapur can benefit from the facility to book appointment online with the top doctors in Durgapur. It is also necessary for the people outside Durgapur as they can consult renowned doctors in Durgapur online. Preventive healthcare is gaining more popular than curative healthcare solutions, even in small towns and non-metro cities. People now choose to consult the doctor online before the issue gets serious. Thus, the healthcare service in different cities goes more digital. Technology has taken quality healthcare home, even for the tiny city people. Tele-health care service is not really a less-heard term anymore rather it’s one of the mostly-discussed terms during this time.

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