How to choose the best Companion Parrot For you

When people decide to fight a parrot as their pet they are looking for a bird that will provide entertainment and companionship at the cost of requiring a high level of care. So really the question becomes which variety of parrot can become the best companion parrot for a given owner. There are many variables that need to be considered before this question can be fully answered. These variable can be put into 2 distinct groups: —

The potential owners current situation. These facts cannot be changed and will either facilitate or exclude certain types of parrot for you. For example if there are small kids in the house environment, children under 10 a large bird with tendencies to become aggressive if provoked will be a bad idea fro the safety of the child and the parrot and so should be ruled out. Other considerations are the amount of time the parrot will be left alone each day as some parrots can handle lengthy periods of solitude better than others. Also how big is the home the parrot will be kept in, as again this may restrict the size of birdcage that can be in the house and therefore the size of the parrot. Also if the home is very close to others like in an apartment complex then the noise that the parrot makes will also become as issue, if not for you then certainly for your others who live nearby and possibly the buildings management company.

The second group of things to consider are far more flexible and involve what the potential owner is actually looking for in a parrot. This will add the color and size of the parrot as well as the general behavior of the species of parrot, ranging from quiet and introvert to extremely deafening but extrovert and extremely entertaining. Also the ability to talk or simulate sounds is often a major reason people would like to get a parrot and there are certain species of parrot who are more accomplished at talking at making sounds such as the African-american Dull parrot. parrots for sale near me

Once the research has been completed and the above considerations have been answered above the prospective parrot owner needs to start buying a parrot and check the costs involved, the initial parrot purchase as well as all of the associated equipment and food needed. If it comes within budget then all that is left is to contact the parrot breeder or owner and arrange to accumulate or have your parrot delivered. If a great choice falls outside the budget then the second choice needs to be considered until a parrot is available within budget.

An ideal companion parrot then really depends on a persons’ particular situation as well as what they are looking for in a parrot and then putting these two groups of considerations together and the result will be the best companion parrot for that individual person.

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