Miracles Not to mention Having Oplagt For the reason that Divine Great time-saver.

These are good, honest questions about seeing God, however they arise from the confusion of the ego mind. These are thoughts concerning the body; they’re questions of the body being asked by the body.

Or “did Moses see God” in fact, or things like “is Jesus God?” And then, perhaps, “If He created me in His image, why doesn’t he simply appear before me, where I could see Him, so we can have a face-to-face conversation? He’s capable of anything.”

We’ve all sooner or later raised the question about seeing God. You may have the similar or same ego questions which have risen in all of us previously or another when you yourself have not already. “Why does God send out signs or signals to us when He could simply speak to us plainly in our personal given language?”

Some sort of Daze of Sort

Our dream state in this instant, the nanosecond of the dream of life where projected bodily images make the planet we see, is of our personal image-making– not God’s.

Try to start understanding that God does not extend Himself as a projected image, so seeing God does not come about. We’ve made our personal image of God. While projections are necessary while the essence of any dream, He’s not dreaming.

The fantasy of a body as who you are does not carry with it a mind. Minds do not have actual physical features, such as a mouth or vocal cords to speak through. We are the extension of God’s Mind, not of a body.

It’s all a desire, and this is exactly why we aren’t actually seeing God.

Remember, when humanity in general slipped into an imagine sort of being separate from Oneness, it was a separation of mind and not of body, but such as a quick day, so to speak. Seeing God and life these days in this way results in more balance and our full potential

Sure, God did create us in His Likeness of Mind, but the body is our personal self-made fantasy fashioned to cover up our guilt from separating.


Miracles ask, “Could it be some dreams are kept, and others awakened from? A Course in Miracles then answers, “The choice is not between which dreams to help keep, but only if you wish to reside in dreams or even to awaken from them.”

This answers things like did Moses see God, or is Jesus God? Seeing God was Jesus entering the dream with messages to greatly help us awaken.

Consider if you are in a daze or daydream of sort, or had a frightening thought, free online acim lesson just for an instant, and someone gently nudges you to awaken.

Extension of Mind

In that case, you are now experiencing the Oneness of Mind in the Real World, or true reality. The ego is quick to interrupt. If you’re not with me here, even briefly, that’s okay, because when you yourself have a willingness, within time It will come for your requirements as a divine revelation.

This extension of God does have no involvement as time passes, because time is a part of the dream. Once we do awaken wholly and are seeing God, time may have meant nothing.

Since all minds are one, or altars if you’ll, within the One-Minded realm, then our power to extend (communicate) within this Oneness is seen as miracles in the dream. Are you with me here where seeing God is concerned?

If you’re having difficulty with this, your willingness is proven, but your vision is blocked by the very fact of one’s effort. Get rid of the effort by seeing your willingness as God’s extension.

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