Miracles Have emerged Inside the Mild.

“That which you think you’re is just a belief to be undone. But everything you actually are should be revealed to you. The belief you’re a body calls for correction, being truly a mistake. The reality of everything you are calls on the strength in you to bring to your awareness what the mistake conceals.”

I attended a wedding shower within the weekend and was reminded by some friends, that the book “A Course In Miracles,” is just a powerful tool of awareness. The quote above arises from lesson 91 in the book titled, “Miracles are seen in the light.” It continues: ” Miracles are seen in the light. The body’s eyes do not perceive the light. But I’m not just a body. What am I?”

Good question right? I was all kinds of things with regards to the situation I find myself living in. I bounce back and forth on the tennis court of my emotions trying to find what I truly am. I have faith that I’m something other than the usual body filled up with crazy thoughts, but I can’t pull myself out of the daily routine of being hit over the internet of illusions with distorted rackets of achievement. It seems I want something solid to place my faith in so I could escape my body and find my true strength. I really do have the capacity to see light without my physical eyes if I make the effort free acim workbook lessons.The responsibility for locating the answers is me; the strength that makes all miracles is my reach and is looking forward to my discovery.

When I instruct myself that I’m not just a body, faith goes as to the I need and my mind follows accordingly. My will is my teacher and it’s all the strength to accomplish what it desires. I could escape my body if I choose to do so, and I begin to see the strength within me.
The Course says to rehearse replacing my mistaken thoughts making use of their opposites like this:

I’m not weak, but strong.

I’m not helpless, but all powerful.

I’m not limited, but unlimited.

I’m not doubtful, but certain.

I’m no illusion, but a reality.

I cannot see in darkness, but in light.

Once I think these truths I begin to see them, by concentrating and expressing my strength. All sense of weakness associated with the belief that I’m just body begins to disappear. My strength takes over and I’m connected with me, the spirit, in a website of All There Is, and the power of miracles becomes apparent. Miracles are always present; now my awareness sees them in the actual light of knowing who I am.

Miracles and vision go together. My vision to see past my body and unite with my spirit brings my world in touch with miracles, and I find myself floating within the court of illusions with a bag filled up with miracles and a racket manufactured from gratitude.

Howard (Hal) Thomas Manogue, was born in Philadelphia, and is a forerunner to the Indigo children, a now age term for misfit by having an intuitive nature, a desire to understand his truth with a present of giving and sharing. Hal retired from the shoe industry after 35 years of sole searching, and discovered his real soul. He enjoys art, music, philosophy, psychology, nature and people.

His poems have already been published by: Mystic Pop Magazine, Children Of The New Earth Magazine, New Age Tribune, Seasons Of The Soul Newsletters, Lightship News and Writers In The Sky Newsletters.

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